Unique and tribal people will always have a very special place in my heart. It´s not only the colors of flowers, animals skins or pearls they are wearing, or the way they live with traditions that are so different from mine. It´s because they tend to be so dignified and embracing strangers like me reminding me of whats important in life.

Wish you all a fantastic weekend!



I believe we all have unique gifts- talents. And as we emerge with life we create unique pattern where we get to express our life, our joy, our sorrow, our love. Not only with one talent but we all carry many talents within. And If I can visualise a part of this beautiful talent or loving heart in my works then I am dooing just what I am supposed to do.​

When I was a little girl I was very creative. In the early hours of the morning sun, I would sit and paint my oil on canvas, while watching the sea and smelling nature, as it only can at t he break of dawn. I attended classes working with clay and the embraced the essence of having a“hands on” approach towards my trial within arts. I danced ballet for many years, where I was not only encaptivated with the dance itself, but in addition, my mind was enriched by the harmonic melodies played by the pianist and encaptured by the healing of music. In my earlier years, I designed clothes where, through countless attempts to create gowns and leather jackets, I realized the importance of accuracy. Quickly I became fond of the art of photography. The analogue picture taught me how to be patient, as I was aiming to get the right shot first time round. At that time we did not have the means to fill an endless array of pictures as we do now with digital cameras. 

All of theese experiences with diversity in creativity have taught me, that I love this kind of peacefulness and serenity that I step into while doing what I am passionate about.
On this BLOG I will thrive to explain a bit more about my artwork and all the many thoughts behind.