Everyone should be able to have a dream

A beautiful and imaginative series of seven artworks suitable for all ages and beautiful souls.
Donate unique and educational nature experiences for vulnerable children and young people. When buying art posters with birds from Falkecenter Samsø, you support the good cause through the Falcon School for Relationship-Creating Therapeutic Animals ( SRTD).

The purpose is to promote the self-esteem of children and young people, and to equip them in the work of creating peacefulness, focus, teamwork, empathy and responsibility. To use and be in nature as well as experience what strengths and learning the are in this.

If you want a different kind of art on the walls, you can both support unique educational experiences for vulnerable children and young people and get colorful posters to hang on the wall in a completely new storytelling.

Grit Sanders and Falkecenter Samsø exhibit together at Café’ Bomhuset in Charlottenlund.

Size 30x40cm 289 kr.

Size 50x70cm 329 kr. 

Size 70x100cm 419 kr.

Size 100x140cm 775 kr.

Prices are incl. Vat and shipping in DK.- Private delivery in DK has a surcharge of DKK 35.
230g FSC-certified paper. Fast delivery in a cardboard tube approx..3-5 days in DK

For the time being, please order via sms +45 40 97 32 82​ or email: sanders@gritsanders.dk

Please write # poster number, your name, your email and the delivery address.
Payment by mobilepay: 40973282

Please note there are no returns as this is produces by order.